It’s the time of year that we all talk goals and resolutions. 

I don’t set big new radical resolutions. I usually check in and make sure i’m on track with my current goals and see how to evolve them for the year to come and reflect on the year that’s been. The positives and my achievements. Sure it’s ok to recognise the bad but don’t let them be the focus. 

I see alot of people treat goals as set and forget things at NYE and hope the world delivers them then, often complaining at the end of the year that the year didn’t deliver what they hoped. 

People that succeed at goals constantly reflect, reset and change along the way. Think of it like football/basketball or whatever sport you like. Each day, week or month is a little game. You can go in with a plan, but you don’t know the plan of the other team, the weather, etc. A good coach doesn’t make one game plan at the start of the year and just hope it works all season. They don’t even talk about how the whole year will go, game by game, collect the little wins and come out on top at the grand final. The plan constantly evolves and changes, but still the same goal.

Make small goals, after each month, check in, see how you’re going. Is the plan working? If not, why not? Did you try to take on too much? If it is working, celebrate your success, this can be in the form of anything, just something that puts a smile on your face.

When you see someone succeed, it’s 1000 small goals finally paying off, not 1 goal. Remember that and maybe check back in with your new year’s goals, maybe just make a January goal to start with? 

I’d love to hear from you in comments on what you want to achieve this year, and what are the little steps you’re going to take so 2017 is your most successful year yet. 


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